Wedding Packages

Choosing a wedding photographer is a MASSIVE task. You're asking someone to be there on the biggest day of your life and capture your memories beautifully and completely. You're asking someone to be a part of your life story and trusting them to be one of the good parts. I offer 3 different package options for you to choose from - Emerald, Gold, and Diamond. These packages are designed for every couple - whether you have a tight budget or a #treatyoself mentality. Enter your email to find the right package for you and your wedding day.


Product + Brand Packages

Your brand is amazing, flawless, unique, special - your baby - so why leave your imagery feeling lifeless, haphazard, and so NOT your brand? My professional Product and Brand Packages offer options to step up your social media game with engaging and exciting imagery, freshen up your website with head shots, locations shots, and product imagery, and show case all your hard work and talent by capturing your products all in a cohesive, ON BRAND way. Some packages also offer the option to have your images optimized for social media. Enter your email to receive my brand pricing guide straight to your inbox!


Other Packages

Mini sessions, regular sessions, family photos, senior portraits, anniversary pics - whatever you’re dreaming up in that pretty little head of yours - I’ve got you! Enter your email to get my regular session pricing guide emailed directly to you!