Allysa + Jamie's Supa Cute Drive-In Couple's Session

True love is no match for bad weather - even this super crappy IL weather we’ve been having. Luckily Allyson and Jamie are amazing and weren’t afraid of a shady forecast. After getting rained out once we were certainly not going to let IL rain on our love parade again. I could keep going with these weather analogies if you want?

This session was a dream! i’d been wanting to do something fun out at the Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In in Gibson City but hadn’t been able to pull it off. There were a few operational hiccups here and there but in the end it all worked out! Also, Allyson texts me and asks if I’d be okay with using her uncle’s retro chevy truck.

Note: I am ALWAYS okay with using cool old cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other engine revving things :)

These love birds were the cutest and absolutely killed it! Enjoy!