Peace, Love + The PNW

I categorize my life into two timelines: before Washington, and after Washington. Moving to the PNW for 5 years definitely made me into the person I am today. The good, the bad, the ugly - it all happened and it all shaped me in different ways. I’m SO glad I got to experience living there and that I still get to go back so often and visit (and even sometimes take pictures of the sweetest, kindest, cutest couples)!

Did you know I travel worldwide for pictures? Yep - I would do anything, and go anywhere for love! From sea to shining sea and one corner of the globe to the other I’m 100% available for your wedding! (Seriously, I LOVE travel!) Did you also know that through the end of 2019 I am offering FREE wedding photography for destinations and elopements as long as travel costs are 100% covered? That’s how much I love travel :)