Fun Ice Cream Shop + Downtown Couple's Session

Jarling’s Custard Cup is one of those “Cult Classic” Champaign spots that, if you’re from here, you know it. I grew up begging to go there all the time. I used to think how great it would be when I could drive because I could get Custard Cup whenever I wanted. #priorities

When you’ve known someone literally since the day they were born you call them up, tell them to grab their beautiful girlfriend, and meet you at Custard Cup for a session and they say, “Okay.” It’s literally that easy.

Okay, maybe not THAT easy we did do some planning ahead of time. It’s also important to mention that Austin and Emilee are two of the most amazing, fun, and nice people! They also have it all together way more than I ever did at 23. Austin works multiple jobs including being a volunteer firefighter and an EMT. Emilee is headed to grad school next year and is (obviously) gorgeous but also so incredibly nice and smart! These two also KILLED this session.




Shoutout to Austin for having that blind, loving trust and to Emilee for completely smashing that ice cream in his face!


After we finished our (very drippy) ice cream cones we headed downtown and I made these two do all sorts of crazy stuff - all of which they were 100% down for and didn’t question at all which made it even more fun.

Taylor Good