Dreamy Chicago Greenhouse Engagement

I met Alex and Morgan through my husband. The only thing he told me about Alex before I met her was a story about her dad who once fell off the roof trying to put up Christmas lights. Then, coincidentally, her mom ended up being my stylist and helped me pick out my wedding dress!

I also LOVE Morgan’s dad, Ed, who owned a cookie shop my former company would often buy from for different events - their cookie cakes were our favorite. Ed would always sneak me a few peanut butter cookies because he is an absolute ANGEL.

So when the wedding dress stylist’s daughter and the cookie shop owner’s son got engaged happy doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt for these two!


When we planned the engagement session we knew Chicago would be the locale. These two are happy city transplants who have adapted to Chicago life with ease. We also knew the weather would be … unpredictable, at best. Luckily we found the Garfield Park Conservatory! A gorgeous, giant greenhouse with so many beautiful plants and backdrops it is the ideal indoor location.

“You know,” Morgan said, “Garfield Park has, like, the highest murder rate in Chicago.”

We decided murderers didn’t get up before noon on Saturdays and opted for an early session.

We were prepared for the early morning trek, we were prepared to potentially get murdered on our way there, but we weren’t prepared for the humidity inside the greenhouse. But as you can see these two were unphased by the temperatures inside the Conservatory - although we were so happy to step into the cooler rooms the further through the building we got.

I have to say though, call me basic, but the cactus room was my FAVORITE. Also, I may have freaked out way too much over the giant aloe plant. It was almost to the ceiling and Alex asked what they were going to do if hit the roof and I jokingly said they’d take out a pane of glass. Then, out of nowhere, a man with an Irish accent behind us said, “That’s exactly what we’ll do.”


This picture. Let me tell you guys, we put in some WORK for this picture. My bright idea was that if we were there early SURELY no one would be there. Not at 9am on a Saturday. Except I didn’t account for the yoga enthusiasts. Or all the families with little kids. Or all the tourists. We waited and I angled to get this shot juuuuust right and make it look like we were the only ones in the place. And it was SO worth it, don’t you agree?


How dreamy are these two?


Had to give the giant aloe plant its moment ;)


Once we couldn’t take the humidity anymore we decided to head back to the Lincoln Park area for a change of scenery and outfits. I always suggest 2-3 outfits for an engagement session. Variety is the spice of life, right? I have to tell you we lucked out BIG TIME with the weather. Was it chilly? Yes. Were our fingers frozen? Maybe a little. Was it about a million times better than the weather we would have had if we waited until the afternoon? Definitely.

Since none of us knew where this honeycomb looking bridge was we decided to walk through the zoo (ultimately we did get trapped in the zoo, but that’s beside the point) and we got to see KANGAROOS! And some camels. Not to mention some freaking lions! The kangaroos were the highlight for me though.


Last, we popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated these two! There aren’t two people more perfect for each other than Alex + Morgan. Alex is truly one of the NICEST people I’ve ever met, and Morgan is a freaking riot to hang out with (not to mention his mad parallel parking skills). I cannot wait for this pair to tie the knot next June!

Taylor Good