My story

Hi! I'm Taylor Good. I was born and raised in Champaign, IL until 2009 when I moved to Olympia, WA. I finished high school and went to college in the PNW but something called me home to the midwest after graduation and I couldn't resist. I think it's because I was supposed to meet my husband, Robby. Lucky him! ;)

In college I studied communications and film. I have mad love for visual arts and creating and capturing moments. Even though my career steered me to marketing - where I still am and am SO happy in - I knew I would always have a deep desire to create.

I decided to get back into photography and started off taking pictures for friends and family. Things picked up from there but it wasn't until my own wedding that I felt like I finally knew what couples need on their wedding day. I finally understood that the people you choose to be your wedding vendors - especially your photographer - are not background people, they are with you throughout your whole day. They are the ones helping make that day perfect and unforgettable and sharing in your smallest moments as well as your biggest ones. Its a huge responsibility - but its what makes doing this all so, so worth it.

I also carried that mentality with me as I dove into product and brand photography. My previous work with CBS Radio in College capturing events and products for their brands and my personal experiences with my wedding that were driving my desire to give the best possible customer service to everyone I worked with shaped a desire to provide quality and personable service to business owners.


My mission

After so many experiences in front of the camera where I felt like an object, not the subject of my photos I knew I wanted to provide better. I knew that I never wanted anybody to feel misrepresented in their own pictures. I wanted to make people feel confident and happy when they saw how I captured them. So, I decided the only way to provide that service was to invest 100% of myself into every client I work with.

My mission is to provide service that is true to you and real, to bring the vision living in your head to life. I want the pictures I take for you to hang on your wall for years to come not just because they look good, but because you can look at them and the moment they were captured comes to life for you and it makes you smile.

My mission is to be your biggest ally and cheerleader on your wedding day, during your session, or while capturing your brand. My mission is to provide excellent, consistent, and purposeful results that stand the test of time and capture your memories or products in the most complete way possible. My mission is to be your photographer, but also someone you can trust to be just as invested in your wedding, brand, or session as you are.


We should, like, hang out.

Follow me on instagram for heart-eye worthy visuals @goodphotographyco or @tay.finney to see what I do with my life when I'm not behind the lens. Or let's get coffee and talk about the session you've been dreaming up! Seriously, I love coffee, meeting new people, and talking about pictures (or talking about anything, really #imatalker).